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    (Tori Cummings)
    Lady Blues struggle to finish rotations against Godley

    Anytime the Lady Blues volleyball team gained momentum against Godley Friday night, they kept doing the same thing.Graham would stay in one rotation for six or seven points. Read more
    American, US Airways tweak fees, mileage rules

    DALLAS (AP) — If you use miles to get a free ticket on American Airlines, you may have to pay to check that suitcase. Full Story
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    Research drones launched into Hurricane Edouard

    MIAMI (AP) — U.S. government scientists are launching winged drones into Hurricane Edouard, hoping to collect data that could help forecasters understand what makes some storms strengthen into monsters while others fade away. Full Story
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    Self-help book has more teams riding 'Energy Bus'

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — On some practice fields across the country, one of the worst things a football player can be called sounds like something out of a young-adult novel or a television show on The CW. Full Story
    Auto insight: What makes synthetic oil different from conventional oil?

    (BPT) - There was a time when you were considered a “responsible” vehicle owner if you changed the oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles and had your tires rotated every other oil change. Read more
    Teaching kids to give back

    (BPT) - One of the most rewarding reasons to get involved in your community is to set a good example for your kids. Whether you donate money or time, giving back is beneficial, and not just for the recipients. Read more
    Arrest in robbery of autistic man in Connecticut

    STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) — A 27-year-old Connecticut man has been charged with stealing $100 in birthday money from an autistic man in a crime that was captured by video cameras. Full Story
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    Nik Wallenda to tightrope walk over Chicago River

    CHICAGO (AP) — Daredevil Nik Wallenda said Tuesday that his next tightrope walk will be more than 50 stories high from one high-rise building to another over the Chicago River. Full Story