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    How to market your startup

    07/23/2014 02:48 PM CDT
    Competition has always played a significant role in the business world, and today's business owners know that the competition for customers is a never-ending battle. 
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    From battlefield to boardroom ... jobs report suggests more positive employment environment for military veterans
    07/15/2014 02:29 PM CDT - (BPT) - Employment opportunities seem to be on the upswing for military veterans, which is encouraging for the hundreds of thousands of service members returning from duty and veterans who are looking for new civilian career opportunities. Read more

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    Fashion industry, retailers and the gender binary

    NEW YORK (AP) — As a transgender woman who began her transition about a year ago, Kylie Jack is still figuring out her fashion style, but she wanted one thing right away: well-fitting bras. Full Story