Young County Commissioners continued planning for the upcoming fiscal year in an all-day budget workshop/special meeting Monday.

Commissioners heard presentations from various departments and organizations, including the county clerk, Humane Society, Young County Rural Volunteer Fire Department and the district attorney.

The Humane Society is requesting the county reimburse it $34,000 annually for services it provides. The county currently pays the Humane Society $17,500 per year for its services.

Executive Director Kim Baxter said the City of Graham pays HSYC $34,000 per year, along with water, sewer and trash service as well as performing some maintenance. Also, Graham provides its own animal control officer.

Baxter added that the number of animals that come into the shelter are approximately 50 percent from Graham and 50 percent from the county, but that includes Newcastle and Olney.

The Humane Society receives no money from the City of Olney for shelter services but does receive money from Newcastle for animal control services.

The contract between HSYC and the City of Newcastle executed October 2010 shows that HSYC receives $5,000 per year with a $100 per month gas stipend. On-call emergency service work is charged an hourly fee. In return, HSYC performs animal control services, including sheltering lost and abandoned animals, investigating cruelty complaints and providing animal adoption and euthanasia where required.


At a population of just less than 600, the City of Newcastle is paying about $10 per citizen for HSYC services.

The county, not including incorporated cities, has a population of 5,756, so the amount Young County pays HSYC equals about $3 per resident.

To read the complete story, see the July 24 edition of The Graham Leader.