Congressman Randy Neugebauer hosted a town hall in Graham Thursday morning. Attendees filled out cards with questions that Neugebauer answered during his visit.

Many of the questions asked regarded Obamacare and what is being done to stop it.

Neugebauer said he wants to repeal it and start over, but it's not as simple as defunding it because embedded within the Affordable Care Act are Medicare and Medicaid.

“It concerns me how much government is taking control over every aspect of our lives including health care, the banking and financial industry, energy,” Neugebauer said. “We've got to take back our lives from government.”

He said before Congress recessed for August he placed his 40th vote to eliminate Obamacare.

“We need help in the Senate for (Sen.) Ted (Cruz) and (Sen.) John (Cornyn),” Neugebauer said. “I'm encouraging people, if you know folks who live somewhere with senators who aren't yet on board with (eliminating the ACA) ask them to speak up. With elections coming, some democrats are starting to run from Obamacare. We just need to keep the heat on the administration.”