The Graham City Council talked bulk water rates and the Keep Graham Beautiful Fall Trash-Off at Thursday’s meeting.

City officials and council members mentioned receiving complaints concerning bulk water sales. The city has two bulk water stations on the Loving Highway. One is a coin-operated station for customers hauling water in smaller containers primarily for household use.

The larger station allows for large transport trucks to fill up and is operated by account code. The water sold is primarily for commercial use and much of that within the oil and gas industry.

Currently, the city is charging 35 cents a barrel or $8.33 per 1,000 gallons at the high flow station and 25 cents a barrel or $5.95 per 1,000 gallons at the low flow station. The average Graham water customer pays $2.70 per 1,000 gallons.

City Manager Larry Fields said he has met with people in the oil field water business and has been told they are purchasing water anywhere from 50 cents to $1 a barrel.

After discussion, council voted to change the bulk sales rate to 75 cents per barrel or $17.85 per 1,000 gallons.

Councilman Jack Graham asked that bulk water sales be an agenda item at the next council meeting to discuss in relation to mandatory water use restrictions.

The council also discussed convenience station hours and the fall trash event.


Joel Williams, the new convenience station manager, has proposed opening the station for one Saturday a month for customers who have trouble accessing the station during normal weekday hours.

The convenience station will be open on the second Saturday of the month and closed the following Monday.

To read the complete story, see the Sept. 1 edition of The Graham Leader.