The United Grocery Store in Graham will retain all of its staff, including its general manager, Britain Brewer. However, CEO, Robert Taylor, will serve as president of what is now the United subsidiary of Albertsons LLC. This is just one of the many changes occurring behind the scenes over the coming weeks and months in the ongoing sale of the grocery franchise. The deal was signed on Monday, Sept. 9 for an undisclosed sum, and anti-trust reviews involving the FTC must ensue before it becomes official. Eddie Owens, Director of Communications and Public Relations for United says that the FTC review should pose no major problems for the sale. "There's some markets where both companies have existing stores," Owens said. "It's really pretty minor, but there are areas like Amarillo and Wichita Falls where both stores exist. We really don't anticipate any problems given the state of each company's profile, but you never know." Read the full story in the Wednesday edition of the Graham Leader.