Small restaurant owners in Graham have to adapt to constant ups and downs if they hope to survive, and Genaro De la Torre, the owner of Casa Grande Mexican Inn, is no exception. The family-owned business opened in Graham Nov. 2, 2010.

Like other eateries, it’s had its share of struggles, but ultimately weathered the through the aftermath of the Great Recession of 2008.

“Anytime a new restaurant opens in Graham — especially one serving similar menus— the competition quickly increases,” said De la Torre, the owner of Casa Grande.

De la Torre owns Mexican restaurants in both Graham and Jacksboro, and hopes to solve several problems affecting his business here.
Restaurant owners Genaro and Aurora De la Torre.
Restaurant owners Genaro and Aurora De la Torre. (Gay Storms)

“We are working to get our liquor license because that definitely affects how many customers come in the evenings,” he said. “And now we have to compete with a bigger chain restaurant that has opened.”

But amid the inconvenient struggles, the restaurant retains strengths that outweigh its difficulties, he said.
De la Torre points out one of Casa Grande’s biggest advantages, his wife, Aurora. Every visitor can expect an enthusiastic, south-of-the-border greeting from her.

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