City of Graham's Convenience Station Manager Joel Williams has his hands full of recyclable goods these days. He travels from school to school picking up carts full of glass, paper, metal, plastics and cardboard, and takes them to into the Convenience Station and dumps it all into the recycling compactor.

Williams is the manager of Graham's Recycle Program, and is happy to see the program really picking up. In 2012, Keep Graham Beautiful and the city of Graham partnered together to implement a recycling program in Graham.

“There wasn't a recycling opportunity prior to spring of 2012,” said Roy Robinson, KGB president. “KGB is just trying to respond to the public at hand.” The program got started, but really kicked-off about three months ago.

“We reorganized Keep Graham Beautiful in February 2012, and wanting to work with recycling was one of out initiatives at that time,” Robinson said. “In partnership with the city, we were able to get the recycling trailer collection point positioned.”

The 14-foot open top trailer is located at the City of Graham's Water Maintenance Building the Loving Highway. Robinson said use of the trailer has grown considerably in the past year and a half.  “The city was emptying the trailer sometimes twice a week a year ago,” he said. “Today, it's emptied at the least every other day, sometimes every day.”

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