The numbers for the 2014 property tax rates were scheduled for release this week by the Young County Appraisal District, but due to unexpected circumstances, those numbers won't be released until about two weeks from today.

Chief Appraiser Luke Robbins said that several factors contributed to the delay, including an extended protest period and unexpected reductions in staff. 

“We will have the numbers come out in the next two weeks probably,” Robbins said. “We're waiting to firm up one more tax rate for one more entity. I should have information by the end of the week.”

Robbins was not specific about the entity his department needs information on, but added that wasn't the only cause for the delay. Generally, the Young County Appraisal District sends out its rate estimates in May or June of each year. It is after this period that property owners have the opportunity to question any rates with which they disagree in what is known as a protest period.

Robbins said that the protest period for this year ran longer than usual, but that the main reason for the information delay is that his office was short staffed for several months.

“Mainly it was us being short handed,” he said. “We lost an appraiser about a month before the notices went out. Prior to that my deputy appraiser went ill.”

Robbins said that he wasn't able to fill the new appraiser position until recently, and that his new appraiser started work started work on Monday, Oct. 7.