Graham city officials unanimously approved a plan this morning that combines the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Graham Chamber, most notably linking the two organizations by placing Graham Chamber CEO Jennifer Conway as the new director of both organizations.

The official recommendation sought to negotiate a contract with the Chamber for management of the CVB program. The new structure was proposed after a committee was formed consisting of members from the city, the CVB and the Graham Chamber.

Under the new guidelines, the proposed plan eliminates any possible misunderstandings regarding the utilization of hotel/motel funds (under the Hotel Occupancy Tax) for Chamber purposes, among other safeguards.

Despite the somewhat experimental nature of the proposed plan, city officials, members of the CVB and members of the Chamber are optimistic about its future success.

"I just think that this is the perfect time to try this," said Mayor Barry White. "And I also think that Jennifer Conway is about as good as we've ever seen here."

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