During Thursday morning's Graham City Council meeting, City Manager Larry Fields addressed the recurring problem of buzzards gathering throughout the city.

One of the hot spots for the birds to congregate is on and around the tower on Cherry and First Streets, among several other areas throughout the city.

“We are still having the real problem of the buzzards here in town,” Fields said.

After conversations with Texas Parks and Wildlife Officer Brent Isom, the city of Graham was recently authorized to deal with the problem. Fields is now taking action, beginning with the ordering of the necessary equipment.

“We will basically be using the approved method of harassing the birds with guns that shoot, basically missile firings that make loud pops and have some sparkle to them,” Fields explained. “The way it works is that every afternoon, we have to be at the roosting sight, and when the birds start coming in, we have to rile them up.”

According to Fields, the recommended process for removing the birds involves firing missile-style projectiles four at a time that first distract them with sparkling light, and then create loud pops that scare them off.

After Fields described the process, mayor Barry White joked that perhaps the city manager should be the first to carry out the plan. The repetition of this plan is key, and efforts will continue until the buzzards find a new place to roost.

Fields chose the Graham Fire Department to carry out the removal effort, stating that because the incendiary nature of the strategy requires a fire and rescue presence anyway, having firefighters carry it out is the most efficient plan and won't waste manpower.

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