Whether for the purpose of space creation, added convenience in record searching or the increased organization of public records, Young County officials have been enthusiastically pursuing the digitization of its records on all fronts. This effort has been ramped up over the past two months.

As an example, County Clerk Debra Taylor’s office has enjoyed the benefits of document digitization recently. That makes sense, considering that the digitization of records was one of her campaign promises. As of the first of October most of the documents in her office, from 1992 to 2011, have been scanned and placed online for anyone wanting to view and purchase public information.

Last year, Taylor contracted Drillsite Title to come into the clerk’s office, image their records and place them online. The process didn’t go completely smooth, but this leg of the overall digitization effort is now done.

“He (the worker from Drillsite) did what he said he was going to do,” Taylor said. “He imaged all of our documents and then attached them to the indexes, but then we had a lot of mistakes that we had to fix. It took us probably about six weeks to go through the whole printed list of mistakes and address every one of them.”

Still, Taylor doesn’t regret that the documents are now online and ready for public viewing. Now, if a citizen wants to look records up online, that person can still access them for free. It is not until he or she wishes to keep that document that it must be purchased. Taylor said that aside from the added convenience of not having to come down to the courthouse to view and purchase county records, there are other benefits to the new online system.

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