Earlier this year, the Cemetery Committee and subsequently the City Council approved the expansion and improvement of Pioneer Cemetery. The four-phase project has already completed three of its phases, and the fourth is scheduled to begin construction this month.

Already finished are the modification of the previous master plan and construction of a new cemetery road, the addition of lots to the available inventory and the construction of a gazebo for memorial and commemorative ceremonies.

All that remains is the completion of a fence around the perimeter of the cemetery, which is scheduled to begin in two weeks. Cemetery Superintendent Jim Helvey is happy with the way the improvement project has been going so far.

“It's been a great improvement,” he said. “The gazebo turned out extremely nice. Now, we're just waiting on lights for the gazebo that should be here in about a week.”

Construction of the gazebo began in June under the supervision of local contractor Gene Henderson, and its lights will be fixed with timers for nighttime illumination.

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