As the formidable ice storm pounded down on Graham late Thursday night and well into Friday morning, many of Graham's most important functions were slowed or halted all together.

At the storm's onset Thursday evening, the city began operating street crews spreading salt mixtures and clearing major streets and roads to the fire department, hospital and other likely emergency service areas such as rest homes.

Crews continued working throughout the weekend, tallying approximately 275 hours of overtime, as roughly 55 tons of salt mixture were placed on sidewalks, streets and intersections. Two front end loaders, one spreader truck, one motor grader and various smaller pieces of equipment were in near continuous operation during the weather event.

Areas with steep grades were all addressed in the early hours of the storm, and crews were brought back in on Saturday and Sunday to handle the Arena area and the American Legion Building for public events. City crews also managed to clean up around schools and other public areas, and the parks department also salted and cleared sidewalks in many public areas.

There were major water line breaks associated with the extreme cold weather on Corvadura and Park Streets, as well as several minor breaks across the city. The only injuries reported involved two city employees falling on ice while trying to repair water line breaks, but the injuries were not reported as serious. Supervisors conducted pre-event safety briefings and utilized safety lighting and personal protective equipment as needed with employees.

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