After one of the worst winter storms in recent memory, many local businesses are recovering from the economic hit taken after being forced to temporarily shutter their doors on Friday and Saturday.

The storm hit cities as far west as Odessa, as one report from a West Texas news outlet,, reported on Saturday. “With not as many people out and about over the weekend, small businesses are losing money,” the report reads. “Christmas is coming, and this is the time when businesses are supposed to do well.”

The storm proved a double hit for businesses on the Graham Square, as on Thursday night, freezing rain and sleet forced the rescheduling of the Christmas Stroll and Lighted Parade, an event that is normally a boon to local businesses.

Gina Donnell, co-owner of Boaz Department Store on Elm Street, said that her business suffered some losses due to the storm. “Since we don't sell ice skates, yeah, I'd say it hurt us,” Donnell said. “We didn't open at all on Saturday, and Friday we were only open for a couple of hours, and I don't know if that was worth it.”

Donnell said that she hopes to make up the losses during the next two weeks of the Christmas shopping season.

“It could have been worse,” she said of her store's closure. “It (the ice storm) could have been two or three days before Christmas. That would have really hurt.”

Father and son team Jamye and Jarod Rogers own Graham Arms and Surplus, one of the few businesses in the area that stayed open. According to the younger Rogers, his store has actually seen less busy days than the Friday and Saturday that he stayed open, despite the ice.

“The way the weather was, it was worth being open,” he said.

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