At around 7 a.m., as the freezing temperatures wreaked havoc on Young County, ERCOT (The Electric Reliability Council of Texas) was busy sending conservation warnings to electric companies throughout the state. It was no different for Fort Belknap.

ERCOT operates most of the electric grid in Texas, and they also monitor the electricity reserves throughout the state. Because of the heightened demand for extra energy caused by the well-below freezing temperatures, ERCOT became concerned.

Kendall Montgomery, CEO of Fort Belknap Electric Cooperative, said that they were putting the message asking citizens to conserve their energy as much as possible.

“What happened was that the reserves on the electric grid were pushed to levels of which ERCOT got a little bit nervous about the grid being able to support the demand being placed on the grid system,” Montgomery explained.

Currently, Fort Belknap and the city of Graham are in the clear, as electricity reserves are back above 3,000 megawatts.

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