At the Monday morning, Jan. 13 Young County Commissioners Court meeting, County Attorney Dayne Miller explained his legal opinion before commissioners and County Judge John Bullock regarding the old county law enforcement center on the Square.

At the end of the ensuing debate, Commissioner Mike Sipes withdrew his motion to table the agenda item and discuss it on the 27th. This effectively meant that no action was taken regarding Miller's opinion.
However, according to Bullock, more discussion and action will likely be taken prior to the actual demolition.

Without making a motion, Sipes said toward the end of the debate that he was willing to accommodate Judge Bullock and County Attorney Miller by researching other demolition companies that might be able to carry out the demolition to the same degree, and with similar workmanship, as Matrix Demolition, the company that the commissioners court is currently seeking to do the job at a cost of $37,400.

“As of now, the action of the court is to demolish the building, and we've got to focus on that aspect of it, and the issue is not to change the decision of the court, the issue is to dispose of the building according to the law,” said County Judge John Bullock.

Miller's legal opinion was initially disclosed at the Dec. 23 Young County Commissioners meeting, but due to his own absence, it was not discussed until Monday.

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