Williams (Courtesy photo)
On Monday, Jan. 13, three suspects were arrested in connection with the recent burglaries of First United Methodist Church, the Graham Area Food Pantry, and the National Theatre.

The suspects are identified as Michael James Williams, 33, of Graham, Amanda Diane Wilson, 31, of Graham and Bobby Ray Huffman, 24, of Graham.

The arrests came after officers from the Graham Police Department, working in concert with the Texas Rangers, State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Young County Sheriff’s Department, and other local agencies in the Graham area began serving arrest warrants on several suspects involved in local burglaries.
Wilson (Courtesy photo)

“It was a coordinated effort by all the agencies involved, with assistance from concerned citizens in the community and a lot of follow up, putting together leads to develop these suspects.” said Graham Police Chief Tony Widner.

Leads came from several different sources, along with information developed from patrol stops, criminal investigations and evidence at the scenes, all of which helped officers identify individuals involved in the crimes.

“This is just the first part of it. I think we have to work together to keep stopping these criminals that are affecting our security and our livelihoods,” said Pam Scott, Graham City Councilwoman and co-owner of the National Theatre.

“We need the prosecution to bump up the penalties now so that we can discourage future crimes from occurring in our communities.

“I spoke with the state fire marshal yesterday, and they determined that there were a lot of levels and a lot of people involved in this criminal activity. I don’t know the level of involvement, but I hope that this is a good first step. I’ve talked with hundreds of people over the past two weeks, and I just can’t believe how much our town has changed.
Huffman (Courtesy photo)
We can’t feel like Graham is the safest city in Texas anymore.”

Williams, who was arrested for the burglary of the Graham Food Pantry and First United Methodist Church, as well as Huffman, who was arrested for the burglary of a building and arson in relation to the National Theatre, both had total bonds set at $500,000. Wilson, who was arrested for the burglary of FUMC, received a bond total of $250,000.

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