Questions loom after the Tuesday night crossbow slaughter of a domestic deer in Newcastle.

The deer was a pet of Newcastle resident Jack Cavanaugh, who also rents half of his house to the city’s mayor, Steve Sosinski. Cavanaugh said that he was paying bills in his house on Tuesday night at around 8:30 when he heard a rustling sound coming from his yard.

“I went outside to take a look, and I saw a white figure way out in the corner of the yard,” Cavanaugh said. “So I went out there and looked and there was a deer laying there.”

Cavanaugh said that at first he thought the animal had died after fighting with one of the other deer in his yard, but then noticed three arrows from a crossbow lodged in its body. He added that in the 15 years he’s lived at the residence off of 380, he’s never had anything like this happen.

Sosinski said that he isn’t sure if the action was the product of revenge, a desire to procure a hunting trophy, or even if the kill was due to hunger.

“Why would somebody do this?” Sosinski said. “I mean, there really isn’t anything going on right now where there should be somebody angry at me, although I do have a lot of people angry at me because I’m trying to clean the city up. I didn’t think this way before, but now I think it may be some sort of attack. But I wish I knew what for.”

He said that whether or not he’s being targeted, it’s difficult to pinpoint the true motive. Sosinski also said that the incident is the second related occurrence, as two weeks prior someone opened the gate to the yard where several deer are kept as pets. All of the deer but one were recovered.

Currently leading the investigation is Texas Parks and Wildlife officer Brent Isom, who said that right now there are no suspects in the case.

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