Wednesday, Jan. 29 marks the first day that citizens of Young County are able to apply for board member openings within the City of Olney, Olney ISD, City of Newcastle, Newcastle ISD, the City of Graham, Graham ISD, Olney-Hamilton hospital district and Graham Regional Medical Center hospital district.

The deadline to apply for a position with any of these entities is Feb. 28, and among other requirements, applicants must be registered voters living within the district in which they are seeking election.

All but the City of Graham and the GISD have asked Young County Election Administrator Lauren Sullivan to run their respective elections, should those elections take place.

“If they don't have an election, then there's no reason for me to run the election,” Sullivan said. “But they have the option to run their own election.”

Sullivan explained that an election with any of the above listed entities is not necessarily mandated if no one from the board of directors is stepping down from his or her position, and if no one applies for a position within the board by the Feb. 28 deadline.

She stated that any applicants seeking election must apply at the headquarters of the board whose election he or she wishes to run in.

“If they want to sign up for the City of Graham, they have to go through the city's secretary. If they want to sign up for the Onley ISD, they go through the Olney ISD secretary,” she said.

During Monday morning's Young County Commissioners Court meeting, Sullivan formally requested and received the blessing of the Young County Commissioners Court to run the elections for entities soliciting her leadership. Sullivan added that she is not currently obligated to any involvement with potential elections held by the City of Graham and GISD.

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