Editor's note: The following letter is included in its entirety as part of this story package on the science of meth addiction.

I'm a resident of Graham and have been my whole life. Born and raised for 31 years. My name is Jeremy Scott Brown. I'm pretty well known by the whole community as a bad person. I am, however, incarcerated in the Texas dept. of Corrections for a term of ten years behind methamphetamine.

The reason for this letter is because I'm freely volunteering some of my personal relations to your recent article in the Graham Leader dated Jan. 19, 2014, on the current problem of the rise of meth in Graham. I, however, am not ashamed to let the community know who I am and what I have to say about the drug itself.

Most people know me as a hardcore drug addict, and I've suffered great consequences because of my addiction to meth. I also, like “Tom Anderson,” was introduced to meth at the young age of 14 and started shooting it right off the muscle. I've lost everything, from my friends, family, loves, children, cars, homes, jobs, etc. so many times. Once the power of the dope has you, it HAS you. You'll go the farthest mile for that next shot, or “bump.”

There's no limit, and being jobless, I turned and stole everything that wasn't bolted down, from simple copper wire to vehicles for that next “rush.” I was, up until two-and-a-half years ago, a serious drug addict. I've been locked up since due to the addiction. I broke the law many times and to the extent that it was a rush to just “get away.”

I'm the first person to admit I've been a menace to society, and I've paid my dues over and over, from current prison terms to out of state (terms) also. The rush for it never ends. It doesn't matter if you go one week or one year or ten years. The urge is always there. The devil's drug is the perfect name for it because it has you creeping and crawling through the night streets and lurking for whatever will bring a buck.

I hope that all who see this take my advice: lock up your things, take your keys out of your rides, and most importantly, watch your kids. Look for wide open eyes dilated to the max, chewing of the inner mouth, constantly looking around, talking, moving, not eating and always avoiding eye contact.

There's nothing worse than to be sitting in prison right now because I was a downfall to society (because of) my meth addiction. To the people I hurt, stole from, treated badly and never respected, I'm truly sorry. It simply had control of my every move. As I'm coming to return to society, I only wish to make a change and further my assistance properly to the community of Graham.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeremy Brown
Inmate #1821752
Fort Stockton Unit N5