The Young County Commissioners Court has established the locations of its first county road repair projects through Texas SB 1747.

The repair projects, also called CETRZ (County Energy Transportation Reinvestment Zones), come as the result of five months worth of planning from the commissioners court. In 2013, SB 1747 created a pool of $225 million, state money allocated specifically for the repair of county roads damaged by oil and gas industry vehicles.

Spread of the money has been determined county to county through production levels. Based on Young County’s production, the state set aside roughly $577,000. With the 20 percent Young County must include as required by the state bill, the total amount of county road repair funds total roughly $700,000.

During the Jan. 27 county commissioners meeting, all four commissioners set their repair locations for each precinct. The commissioners elected to pursue one repair project per precinct, agreeing to continue or discontinue more reinvestment zones once the results of the initial projects have been observed.

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