U.S. Democratic candidate for Texas Congressional District 19 Neal Marchbanks stopped in Graham Monday as part of a 12 city, month long tour covering almost 2,000 miles.

The Texas native, who identifies himself as a middle-of-the-road moderate, says that he wants to stop the bottle-necking in congress and foster a mentality of bipartisanship.

“In the 11 years that Randy Naugebauer has been in this district, he has passed five bills,” Marchbanks said. “And I believe three of those had to do with naming post offices.”

Marchbanks spoke at noon Monday at the American Legion Building for the Young County Democratic Association, and a primary theme of the visit involved unseating Republican incumbent Randy Naugebauer.

I’m very excited to have Mr. Marchbanks run because we need a congressman who can, and will, get things done,” said Young County Democratic Association President Fran Edens. “We need someone who is looking out for Texans; your farmers, your veterans and your women.”

During his ten minute address to the group, the congressional candidate centered his policy platform around responsible spending, citing the Iraq War as a major economic drain for the U.S.

“I was in Vietnam, an ill-advised war,” Marchbanks told the crowd. “I’ve developed a little thing about America being in ill-advised wars since then.”

The Democrat also discussed the heightened need for better health care benefits for veterans, a demographic that has more than tripled since Sept. 11, 2001.

Among platform policies endorsed by Marchbanks, included are the expansion of infrastructure in rural communities, increased access to training and higher education across the board and an end to budget slashing on women’s health care needs.

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