Texas Game Warden Brent Isom, in combination with Texas Game Warden Ray Milloway and Young County Investigator Jay Hutchins are confident that they have found the man responsible for several domestic deer slaughters at the residence of Newcastle Mayor Steve Sosinski.

Investigators used infrared photographs and evidence left at the scene to lead them to a yet unnamed, 30-year-old Sulphur Springs man as their primary suspect. The investigation began after Newcastle resident Jack Cavanaugh found one of his pet deer shot to death with arrows from a crossbow.

“We initially looked into two separate cases,” Isom said. “One involved potential retaliation toward the mayor and the other centered around potential poaching.”

In what officials now believe to be a case of illegal poaching, a total of four fallow deer were killed at Sosinki and roommate Jack Cavanaugh’s house off of Highway 380, across the street from Newcastle High School.

The killing spree that lasted from Jan. 10 to Feb. 4 netted the suspect two deer heads that were recently recovered by Young County investigators at two different locations, one in Throckmorton and one in Sulphur Springs. Officials also recovered the cross bow and compound bow that were used in the slaughters.

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