Wade (Courtesy photo)
After over two years and at least one continuance, jury selection for the trial of Tracey Dirk Wade is set for Monday, Feb. 24.

Most recently, prosecutors pushed to begin a trial in October of 2013, but a continuance was issued due to a trial date conflict with the defense attorney. District Attorney for the 90th District Dee Peavy is serving as the prosecutor in the trial.

Since 2009, Wade, 50, has been in and out of jail several times for his alleged involvement in the manufacture of methamphetamine. He was first arrested in January 2010 in Olney by local law enforcement at a residence on W. Payne.

He was taken to the Olney jail under a charge of manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance. He was charged with possession of an amount equal to or greater than 400 grams of methamphetamine. Prior to the arrest, the Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigation Division had been conducting an investigation on possible drug distribution revolving around Wade and several other people since December 2009.

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