On Thursday night, Feb. 27 in the Graham Chamber of Commerce conference room, a group of concerned citizens met to discuss strategy regarding the GRMC taxing district.

The group has dubbed itself “Friends of Graham Hospital,” and its formation is a direct response to the birth six weeks ago of the PAC Young County Citizens for Responsible Taxation, an opposition group dedicated to the repeal of the nascent local taxing district.

Just like Young County Citizens for Responsible Taxation, Friends of Graham Hospital is comprised of a diverse subset of community professionals and citizens who are passionate about their cause, which in the case of Friends of Graham Hospital goes like this: The hospital taxing district must not be repealed.

In the group’s estimation, if the district dissolves, then the path toward a decline, not only of local healthcare, but of the area’s economy in general, will be paved. Participants in Thursday night’s meeting discussed a wide array of topics, namely how to most effectively serve as stewards of information regarding their unifying cause.

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