(Graham News Inc.)
Recent data from the Young County Appraisal District's office show that in a 17 city group throughout the region, Graham ranks third in terms of total tax rates for ad valorem property taxes at just under 2.96 percent.

This means that for every $100,000 of property valuation, tax payers in the city of Graham are likely to pay about $2,960 per year. Graham's tax rate, while higher than most of the cities analyzed, remains close to other cities such as Olney, whose total annual tax rates come in at 2.915 percent, meaning that taxpayers there will spend roughly $2,915 per year with a property value of $100,000.

Graham's rate is also similar to Newcastle's, which stands at roughly 2.904 percent, or about $2,904 paid annually by taxpayers with property valuations of $100,000.

While it is technically true that of the three cities in Young County, Graham's annual combined tax rates are the highest, other factors such as average residential property values serve to alter the overall analysis in Graham's favor.

“Based on the cities in our surrounding counties that we have compared to, I believe that the combined total tax rate in the city of Graham is average for the amenities that we enjoy here,” said Young County Tax Appraiser, Luke Robbins. “Graham has a good police force, a good fire department, an airport, nicely paved streets and several nice parks and recreational facilities. These things all rely on tax dollars to be maintained.”

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