The city of Graham is may soon undergo a major overhaul to it’s parking situation in and around the Square.

So far, only feasibility studies are being conducted with the help of TxDOT, and three key areas are being looked at for possible modifications: Fourth Street from Elm Street to Oak Street, Elm Street from Fourth Street to Second Street and the interior parking of the Square’s perimeter.

On Fourth Street from Elm to Oak, the main problem has been tight parking and limited turning movements at the intersection of Fourth and Elm Streets. Also, because the parking lane on the north side of the Square on Fourth Street is at a minimum width standard, there is a conflict between parking and turning movements there.

Public Works Administrator David Casteel said that one potential solution to this problem would be to widen the parking lane on the north side of Fourth street, allowing for a larger turn radius from Elm.

“The way to do this would be to eliminate the dedicated left turn lane and combine the eastbound Fourth Street traffic with the left turn lane,” Casteel explained. “This would free up space for wider parking, a wider west bound lane on Fourth Street and a dedicated right turn lane for eastbound Fourth Street traffic to Elm.”

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