Today, Thursday, March 13, didn’t just feel like the end of an era in Graham. It was something tangible, physically documented by proclamations and short speeches inside City Hall.

March 13 will now forever be known in Graham as Roy Robinson Day, and Tuesday, March 18, will forever be known in Graham as Larry Fields Day. Both men are town fixtures, and both have made it their personal missions to leave Graham better off than when they found it.

Fields is leaving his professional post but remaining in Graham, and Robinson is moving with his wife to Denver on Sunday, March 16. Both men admitted to being slightly embarrassed at the recognition they received prior to the official start of Thursday morning’s city council meeting, and after each mayoral commendation, both stood silent for sustaining applause.

“It was indeed an honor, and frankly, I was a bit embarrassed because it was a team effort with the nine people in KGB,” Robinson said in reference to the part of the proclamation read by Barry White that stated: “WHEREAS, Roy Robinson has made Graham a cleaner and better place with his tireless service as president of Keep Graham Beautiful.”

Prior to his work with KGB, Robinson made his name in Graham (though not just Graham) as a newsman; more specifically as the publisher of the Graham Leader, the Breckenridge American, the Olney Enterprise, the Jacksboro Gazette and the Lake Country Sun until 2011.

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