Truck-body manufacturer Valew brought 195 potential employees to Graham's NCTC campus on Saturday morning, with 124 of those coming in the first hour.

Coordinated between the Graham Industrial Association, the Graham Chamber of Commerce and the Graham campus of North Central Texas College, the Valew Job Fair was a positive step in the ongoing orientation of the business to the area.

“We're trying to staff our whole plant out there and we've got a big task ahead of us,” said CEO Roger Hayes. “We're going to need a lot of employees.”

Based out of California, Valew seeks to hire 15 to 25 employees in the next 15 days and be up to over 100 employees by this time next year, Hayes said.

“We're starting from ground zero. We are going to need parts people, welders, sales people, clerical, you know, painters. Everything we haven't even thought of yet,” Hayes said, adding that Valew is excited to be in Texas for multiple reasons that include access to a large pool of potential employees, as well Texas' long-standing pro-business environment.  

“We struggle finding employees in California,” He said. “Here, so far, it looks like I've seen 75-80 employees, and I don't know how many are stacked up still.”

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