David Casteel will succeed Larry Fields as the next City Manager of Graham as approved at this morning’s City Council meeting.

Fields will retire on April 2, and Casteel will take over as City Manager April 3.

“No one can replace Larry, with all of his experience. So, you shouldn’t even try to do that,” Casteel said. “But, what I can do is listen to the citizens and listen to the council and try to foster a continued atmosphere of cooperation so that Graham can move forward and make the best of what we have and keep on doing the things that are good for our city.”

Mayor Barry White said that Casteel had helped himself and Mayor Pro Tem Jack Graham in the posting and search for the city’s next manager.

“We came to the conclusion that the right guy was sitting right with us. So, we’re going to offer the job to David Casteel,” White said at this morning’s meeting.”

Fields has been with the city since July 1979 and was instrumental in many key projects that make Graham what it is today, most notably the water treatment facility built in 1984. Expansion and updates to that facility were also approved today, at Fields’ last council meeting.

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