As GRMC moves toward finalizing its transition into a taxing district, many changes are being implemented that administrative staff say will be beneficial to patients, especially in terms of understanding bills.

One major addition includes what GRMC interim CEO Scott Landrum called a “billing ombudsman.”

“I would say this position is kind of like an accountant that you would take your tax information to,” Landrum said. “Say, for example, a patient comes to GRMC by way of ambulance, and then they are seen by an ER doctor, and then they get admitted to the hospital for a time. There’s potential for multiple bills to be sent to the patient in that one scenario. An ombudsman will help patients understand the billing process and even make inquiries on their behalf if necessary.”

Landrum, who has served as CEO for several hospitals throughout the country, said that one example of an ombudsman proving beneficial to a hospital’s financial operations was in the hospital in Bowling Green, Ken., a 388 bed facility.

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