The City of Graham is considering annexing approximately 81 acres of land south of town off  Highway 16, which could mean the addition of a new housing and commercial development in Graham. 

The property in question is where a mixed-use development called the Brazos View Estates is being planned. 

For the city to extend utilities to a property outside city limits, that property’s owner must first petition the city for annexation, said City Manager David Casteel. This was the case with the Brazos View Estates. 

“There is a lot to be gained by that,” said property owner and developer Randy Saylor.

The main motivation for a property owner to have a parcel of land annexed involves the utilization of city utilities and other amenities. 

“Because it is outside of the city limits, the city does not receive any kind of taxes based on the properties,” said Mayor Barry White. “By annexing it the city will have to provide the services that everybody else within the city limits receives, but also the property will start being a taxable property so that the city receives some taxes back on it.”


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