Young County Sheriff Bryan Walls is not quite back to work yet, but hopes to be by the end of this week after accidentally stabbing himself near his knee last week.

Last Tuesday, April 1, as severe thunderstorms approached Young County, Sheriff Walls said he was out chasing and spotting the storms. At some point during the night as he entered his truck and accidentally impaled his leg with an unsheathed filet knife sticking out of a pocket on the side of his truck door.

“It was a freak accident was what it was,” Walls said. “It was a one in a million deal. I’d had that knife in my truck for years and nothing happened before. It was just one of those weird things.”

The stab wound ended up being six inches deep and left a 9-inch long gash, and it tore his muscle, tendons and nerves. Immediately after impaling himself, he started bleeding profusely and called for an ambulance. He was admitted to GRMC that same evening, and underwent a three-hour surgery the next day.

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