Like many cities in Texas, Graham is running out of water.

On Thursday morning the Graham City Council allocated $15,000-$25,000 in pursuit of different contingency plans to support Graham if the water supply continues to diminish at its current rate.

The city is still reeling from record-setting low rain totals in 2011, and subsequent years were also below normal. This year shows no sign of slowing as the drought continues. Lake Graham is now under 50 percent capacity, and the water is evaporating faster than normal due to heat, wind and low humidity, said City Manager David Casteel. 

“If that trend or a similar trend continues, we will need to have a contingency plan in place,” Casteel said. “There are several options to look at.” 

The city council will now hire consultants to develop projections of water available to the lake and determine the feasibility of different options should drought conditions continue for a sustained amount of time, Casteel said. 

The city is currently at stage 2 of water restrictions and projects stage 3 in late May or early July, whenever the lake hits 45 percent capacity. The lake is currently at 49.9 percent as of Wednesday, Casteel said.

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