Editor’s note: The following story comprises the first half of the first part of a series on emergency responders in Young County.

On Tuesday at 7 a.m., KWKQ, 94.7 station manager Joe Graham announced over the airwaves news of a weekend wreck requiring helicopter evacuation of a woman to a Fort Worth hospital. 

“The one-car accident happened about 5:30 Saturday afternoon on FM 3003, locally known as the Lake Road,” said Graham. “Chrystal Moore of Graham had to be cut free from the wreckage after her car left the roadway and struck a tree. She was transported to Graham Regional, and then later flown by helicopter ambulance to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth. The extent of her injuries has not been released.”

It was the most recent example in Young County of an emergency situation requiring the execution of a multiple-agency rescue response, and it was the latest in a trend that Graham Fire Captain Greg Speck said is growing.

Before that, on Wednesday, March 26 at approximately 9:10 a.m., radio speakers echoed throughout the interior of the Graham Fire Department. There was a major motor vehicle accident on HWY 209, nearly 25 miles west of town. The subject was trapped and there were injuries. 

GFD was one of five agencies dispatched to the scene. The victim’s heart stopped beating by the time GFD firefighters pulled him out of the car. 

“When I crawled into the passenger side and told them (other emergency responders) where to cut the seats so we could drop it down and get him out, he was dead at the time,” said Speck. “He’s sitting in a hospital right now with bruises to his chest from the CPR when we got him back. We flew him out of there.” 

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