Perhaps next year the loose ground where the old law enforcement center on the Graham Square once stood will be stable enough for the Lion's Club and other groups to hold public events, but not right now, according to the Young County Commissioners Court.

On Monday, April 14, Lion's Club member Odell Kite proposed before the commissioners court putting carnival rides on the newly empty ground on the southwest corner of the Square because the Lion's Club's annual carnival April 29 - May 3 is around the corner.

The court said that it wasn't a good idea yet to have large equipment on the lot. Jim Senkel has been chairman of the Lion's Club Carnival for at least the last 15 years, and has been involved with it in some capacity since it began in Graham 40 years ago. Senkel said that while he wanted to expand this year's festivities, he appreciates the court's decision.

“We were hoping to have a bit more room. I disagree with their opinion but I understand it so I'm not disappointed with any of the commissioners,” he said. “It's the fresh, loose dirt that is their concern. We will still have our carnival and we look forward to the city coming out and participating because that is where we make all of our funds that enable us to do everything we do in the community.”

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