Though the issue was again tabled at Monday’s Young County Commissioners Court meeting, Elections Administrator Lauren Sullivan made a case for new election equipment for the second time this month.

At the county commissioners court meeting two weeks ago, Sullivan proposed a complete hardware/software upgrade from the election equipment Young County has used since 2005. After a buyback feature offered by Hart InterCivic in which Hart would purchase the county’s old election equipment for about $25,000, the package totaled roughly $320,000 for the county, and if approved, the package could be purchased through five annual payments of about $78,000.

The court tabled the agenda item for a later meeting with the next goal being to host a company representative to explain more about the product offered. On Monday morning, Sullivan had Hart representative Derek Hutson with her at the meeting to help explain why the new equipment would be beneficial for the county.

After telling the court that Young County’s current election equipment likely has about one more year of proper functionality, he recommended the new equipment package for 2015.

“I wouldn’t want to go through 2016 elections with the equipment you have right now,” Hutson told the court Monday.


Midway through the presentation, County Judge John Bullock stated that voting is one of the most important processes in the county, state and the country.

“Staying up with the times, I think it may be time to get new equipment,” Bullock said.

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