Dear Voters,

We have had early voting for the last week, and Election Day for the local elections is Saturday, May 10 from 7 a.m. -7 p.m. at the Young County Courthouse in the Basement.

One of the questions our pollworkers are answering over and over is that of why the only election on the Graham Ballot for May 10 is for the Board of Directors at Graham Regional Medical Center.

The confusion  seems to stem from the fact that people feel there is also a ballot initiative to dissolve the hospital district. This is not the case, as there is only one election on the ballot for Saturday, May 10.

The names of the candidates are below. Each and every one of the candidates is still electable. Please vote your conscience, but PLEASE VOTE! For information please check out

Election results will be posted at as soon as they are available Election Night.

Candidates as they appear on the ballot:
Jeff Gilbertson
Johnny B. Tidwell
CR "Chuck" Parker
Wyatt Pettus
Lynn O. Nees
S. James Buckmaster
Larry Kovar
Mark House
Terry Bishop
John F. Lucas
Lee Boyd
Kent Pettus
Louis Dayne Miller
Derrell C. Dodson
Donald Behr
Wayne Widner