As the drought continues throughout Texas and local lake levels drop and water conservation warnings rise, the City of Graham is still working on contingency plans for different scenarios of depletion.

Graham City Manager David Casteel said regarding the possibility of drawing water from other sources that the city recently hired engineering firm Jacob and Martin for $20,000 to examine options, and that there are three potential avenues of external water importation that include Possum Kingdom Lake, the use of effluent water and the production of ground water within Young County.

“We pay yearly to be able to access some water from Possum Kingdom,” Casteel said. “We have never used any of the amount we reserve to date. The amount that we reserve works out to be about 890,000 gallons per day.”

According to Casteel, the city of Graham produces about 800,000 gallons per day of effluent water that could be re-used, and there is potential to produce some ground water from parts of the county, with the amount that can be produced unknown at this time.

“Even though we have water reserves from PK and we have an amount of effluent, we would not necessarily be able to realize the full amounts because of the losses during treatment,” Casteel explained. “Solids and filter washing result in loss. The amounts are the gross amounts not the net amounts. Jacobs and Martin will estimate the net water that could be available after treatment as well as the gross before treatment.”

Casteel added it’s important to remember that during the winter months the city of Graham uses about 3 million gallons a day, and during a normal summer period use often tops 6 million gallons a day.

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