Two of the current boards and committees that advise city officials on various topics have no membership, but City Manager David Casteel and the Graham City Council are working to resolve that. 

At the April 24 city council meeting Casteel presented a preliminary document to council members that outlined each different advisory body, its membership or lack thereof, term lengths and limits and the city ordinance that put each board and committee into effect. He explained that the 13 advisory boards and committees have varying term lengths and limits, with some having no limits at all. 

“The council may wish to consider some actions in the future to consolidate these more consistently,” Casteel said at Thursday’s meeting.

The boards advise the city council on certain topics such as the airport, said Casteel. The Airport Board is composed of five members, including the city manager and the airport manager. 

Casteel explained that if a runway needed to be repaved, for example, the airport board would present a recommendation to the council, which would then approve or deny any requisite expenditures.

The two Graham boards with no membership are the airport adjustments board, which needs five members, as well as the seven-spot park and recreation board. 

Four other boards currently have vacancies according to the document. 

No action was taken at the April 24 meeting, and the council agreed to revisit the item at a future meeting. 

“Everyone needs to take a look at this and get back together,” said Mayor Barry White. 

Later in the meeting, an agenda item highlighted the issue when the city council approved the appointment of five members to a previously vacant board. 

The Board of Adjustments and Appeals, BAA, is to be composed of one architect, one general contractor and three members of the building community. It is used as recourse if the city’s building official, Jason Cottongame, and an individual disagree on a decision made by Cottongame.

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