(Casey Holder)

Jackie Bibby, “The Texas Snake Man,” held his show, called “Rattlesnake Roundup,” this Saturday at the Graham Trade Days in the old Ag Barn near Fireman's Park.

(Casey Holder)

The show featured stunts Bibby and other handlers performed with the snakes, as well as information about how to treat bites and what to do if one comes across a rattlesnake in the wild.

Children and adults crowded around to peer through small windows and over the edge into a  snake enclosure filled with dozens of rattlesnakes. Bleachers on one side of the room were crowded in the hot, musty barn.


(Casey Holder)

Bibby's team began the show with other snakes indigenous to this area. The audience were presented a close up view of a rattler's fangs as David Weimert, an assistant to Bibby, paced the perimeter of the enclosure and viewers crowded around to snap photos on cell phones. Additionally, handlers performed stunts that included holding the snakes, having them strike a balloon and covering themselves in snakes while sitting on the ground.

(Casey Holder)

At one point in the show, Steve Brown of Olney volunteered to hold one of the snakes. He was asked multiple times by Bibby not to show off and to do everything and anything he asked. Bibby then had Brown practice a few times separating his hands quickly upon command; a rehearsal of the motions required to properly drop the snake.

David Weimert, a handler assisting Bibby, then placed a small coiled rattlesnake into the Brown's flat palms. Weimert began to pull his hands away, leaving the snake coiled in Brown's hands.

A split second later Bibby slapped the snake out Brown's hands, and it appeared as though the snake tried to strike Weimert before falling harmlessly to the ground.

Brown was willing to try the stunt again, but Bibby said once was enough.

"It was kind of exciting, adrnaline. I'm a bit shaky," said Brown after the stunt.