Community Leaders Against Crime, or CLAC, the committee initially formed at the April 10 Graham City Council meeting in response to increased burglary activity dating back to last summer, held it's first meeting May 1. Committee chair Jack Graham reported the meeting's apparent success at the May 8 city council meeting.

“And really what the whole point of it was, was to have everyone in a room and just go through the process of what it takes, from Brian (Walls) and Tony (Widner) catching a criminal, to how we can most effectively get theses people off the street or stopped from doing this in the future,” reported Graham.  

The committee comprises a sizable representation of area agencies involved in the capture and prosecution of criminals. Graham reported that eleven representatives from at least seven local offices were at the meeting on May 1, which also happened to be two days after a more than 3-year investigation culminated in a large-scale drug bust April 29. The Tuesday morning bust involved multiple agencies in several counties under the leadership of District Attorney Dee Peavy's office, who also attended the meeting with Assistant District Attorney Ryan Conway. 

“We just warranted 31 people and arrested 26 of them with help from the DEA, ATF and the DPS,” said Graham. “That was a very positive way to go into that meeting. What Dee was saying was, ‘we've known about this for years and we just can't tell everyone what we're working on because you'll give it away.' She said, ‘there is a lot of that stuff going on that we can't tell the common citizen, or really anyone, because it would jeopardize the situation.'”

This first meeting was used as a way for the multiple agencies to report what they are already doing to help the situation, and was an educational experience for everyone involved, reported council member Pam Scott, a member of the committee and a vocal proponent of its creation.

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