Since the recycling program in Graham was widely expanded last fall, city officials have noticed that interest has increased.

The 30 recycling bins spread throughout nine locations have lately been filling up twice as fast as when the program was expanded in October as part of Keep Graham Beautiful’s Fall Trash-Off event.

“All of our recycling areas, like the trailer on the Loving Highway, we dump that 3 times a week, and sometimes more often than that,” said Graham Convenience Station Manager Joel Williams. “Currently, we are filling up a compactor box load about every 21 days, and that’s about seven tons of recycled goods.”

Williams said that as of now, the city fills up 17.3 compactor boxes per year, totalling a projected 121.1 tons of recycled product in that time frame. Each time a compactor box is filled up, it is sent to the state of the art recycling plant in McKinney.

Graham and McKinney have a recycling partnership in which the new IESI (Independent Environmental Services Incorporated) McKinney Material Recovery Facility provides Graham with most of the bins, minus the trailer on the Loving Highway, the city currently uses at its nine locations.

“They really helped us to get this program here going,” Williams said.

On April 29, city representatives, including Williams, City Manager David Casteel, Street Superintendent Frank Herpeche and Chamber/CVB CEO Jennifer Williams took a trip to the facility 120 miles east to learn more about how to build the program in Graham.

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