Young County has adopted a resolution opposing an increase in how much water the Brazos River Authority allows to flow out of Possum Kingdom Lake downstream to Lake Granbury. This resolution is similar to those already adopted by Palo Pinto and Stephens Counties.

“The City of Granbury evidently has requested that the Brazos River Authority turn loose of more water,” said Young County Judge John Bullock. 

Called a “draw-down ratio,” a regulation was adopted by the BRA in 2011 with the purpose of balancing “the impacts of water supply operations and drought conditions fairly across the lakes while maintaining Brazos River Authority’s ability to meet water needs now and in the future,” according to the resolution. 

The BRA established the draw down ratio between Lake Granbury and PK by commissioning a study of the PK-Granbury-Whitney reservoir subsystem completed by an outside firm, Halff Associates, Inc, in 2011. Commonly referred to as “the Halff study,” it established the current draw-down ratio at 1-to-1.75, or for every foot that Lake Granbury drops, PK Lake will be allowed to drop 1.75 feet. 

“They (BRA) are not letting any water out of Possum Kingdom accept to maintain that draw-down ratio,” said Monte Land, board member for the PK Lake Association.  

The Halff study examined the number of on-water facilities at each lake and how many of those facilities were affected based on the level of the two lakes, explained Land, who was present at the May 27 Commissioner’s Court meeting where the resolution was passed. He explained to the court that the City of Granbury and other entities are requesting that the study be re-opened and the draw-down ratio increased from 1-to-1.75 up to 1-to-3.5. 

The passed resolution states that Young County opposes the 2011 study being re-opened. as well as any increase to the established draw-down ratio.

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