A 14-inch line running through town from the water plant has burst on Pecan and Third Streets, currently rendering an unknown amount of people without water. As of now, both streets are flooded. 
Utility Superintendent Randall Dawson said that city workers should have the water shut off on the broken line within the next 30 minutes.

“As far as people without water, once we have it shut off, it will be on Pecan Street from Fifth Street to Second Street, and then Second Street from Pecan to Oak,” Dawson said. “And that should be all that's affected with the water loss.”

Most of the businesses on the Graham Square are closed, but workers for both Stogies vapor shop and Studio 12 Group fitness, both on Oak Street at the Square, have confirmed either fluctuating or no water pressure.

City Manager David Casteel also confirmed that United Supermarket on Highway 16 was briefly without water, but pressure for the store has returned. Watson said that water should be back on sometime this evening, and it is not known at this time how much water has been lost.

The Graham Leader will update this story as details are made available by the city.