Young County could be getting a little help when it comes to managing people out on bond, that is, if 90th District Attorney Dee Peavy’s recent request is accepted by county officials.

Peavy recently asked the Young County Commissioner’s Court at its May 27 meeting to consider cooperating with the City of Graham to hire a bond supervisor to serve the city and county for the purpose of coordinating, installing, maintaining and tracking people out on bond with ankle monitors, among other conditions.

Peavy’s request was ultimately tabled by the commissioner’s court, but the D.A. said that the position is needed and could be facilitated by an extra office at the county jail.

“Essentially, what it is, is that the probation office at this time has been monitoring these people who are placed on condition of bond supervision,” Peavy explained. “The probation office has more than their share to do in managing those out on probation. They need someone to handle those that are out on bond and awaiting trial.”

While it is not yet clear what budget adjustments may or may not be needed to add the position, the idea came about in part after a recent Community Leaders Against Crime meeting (CLAC), she said.

“When I went to the CLAC meeting the other day, we visited about different initiatives and other things that we could do to address the problem of crime in our county,” Peavy said, adding that one of the ideas she mentioned was putting conditions of bond on those who have bonded out and are awaiting trial.

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