Graham Wet...It's Time, a local political action committee, today began circulating a petition to create a November ballot initiative aimed at bringing legal alcohol sales to Graham stores.

The committee put out a notice in the Graham Leader classifieds this weekend stating: “The Graham Wet....It's Time Committee will submit an application to Lauren Sullivan, Elections Administrator, Young County in compliance with Section 501.023 of the Texas Election Code, in order to circulate petitions to the qualified voters of Justice Precinct 1, Young County, Texas, so that a local option election can be called on the following issue: For/Against ‘The legal sale of beer and wine for off-premise consumption only.' This public notice was paid for by the ‘Graham Wet....It's Time Committee.'”

Graham resident Mike Elmore leads the pro-alcohol-sales group, and said that the difference between this petition and the similar election his PAC initiated in 2012 is that there will be no liquor on the ballot this time, should volunteers collect enough signatures.

“This is an election for the entire JP 1 precinct that will allow all convenience stores and grocery stores to be able to sell beer and wine only,” Elmore explained. “This does not allow for liquor stores anywhere in the voting area.”

Elmore said it should take about three weeks to collect enough signatures, giving the ballot initiative plenty of time to be included in a November election. From now until the PAC reaches its goal, members will be set up in booths at numerous locations throughout Graham, including Wal-Mart and the Conoco station on Highway 380. Elmore said group volunteers are also knocking on doors to collect signatures.

The Graham Wet initiative marks the second major petition currently circulating in the area. Earlier today in an email statement to the Graham Leader, Young County Elections Administrator Lauren Sullivan warned citizens against confusing the two.

The statement read: “Voters in Young County should be aware that there are currently two petitions being circulated through the southern precincts of the county. There is a petition issued by the Elections Administration Office on yellow paper that is for a local option election to be called For or Against ‘The legal sale of beer and wine for off-premise consumption only.' There is another petition circulating for the dissolution of the Graham Hospital District. This petition should be on white paper. Both should have clear headings at the top. Please read what you are signing. If you have any questions, the Election Administration Office will be glad to help in any way. Please call 521-9483.”

The Graham Leader will continue updating this story as it develops.