Last week, Wildcatter Ranch announced its partnership with the Dinner Bell restaurant of Graham. The partnership kicked off Tuesday, June 17, and Dinner Bell at Wildcatter Ranch will now operate in the restaurant building formerly known as the Wildcatter Steakhouse.

“They opened last Tuesday, and have already had a lot of events and groups at the ranch, and they’ve already had a lot of locals,” Wildcatter General Manager Jason McAlister said. “So it’s really been great.”

Tammy Morrison, co-owner of Dinner Bell, said she was happy with the opening day turnout.

“The first day we had a line out the door with one waitress,” Morrison said. “It never slowed down and we never looked back,”

McAlister said that informal discussions with Dinner Bell owners Beverly Smith, Tammy Morrison and Julie Ruddy, all of Graham, ultimately led to the current partnership.

“We had been looking at possibly working with some other restaurant companies for a while, and it was just through some casual discussion with Beverly and Tamnmy and Julie that this came about,” McAlister said. “It was probably about six months ago that we started talking.”

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