A view from Fourth St. facing north as ominous clouds roll into town.
A view from Fourth St. facing north as ominous clouds roll into town. (Casey Holder)

The storms that rolled through Graham Tuesday knocked the weather reporting station at the Graham Municipal Airport out of service.

No timeline has been given for how long the site will be off line, said Will Butler, airport manager. 

“We will get it up as soon as we can,” Butler said. 

The National Weather Service uses but doesn't manage the station, said Eric Martello, a senior meteorologist with the agency's Fort Worth office. The site was installed by the Texas Department of Transportation and is managed by a private contractor who has been informed of the problem. 

Due to the loss, Graham's Tuesday rain totals were not recorded accurately. According to The Weather Channel, the city received .72 inches of rain. According to the NWS, Lake Graham went up .11 of an inch, enough to make up for the water lost to evaporation in the last week, said City Manager David Casteel. 

An NWS station six miles southwest of Graham reported 1.61 inches of rain on Tuesday. 

“On the positive side the rain helped stock ponds and soil moisture so that maybe we will get more run off to the lake in the next rain,” Casteel said. 

The NWS forecast a 20 percent chance of rain in Graham on Saturday and Sunday.

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